Alone I walk the cave of my night
A black space that no one can enter
Even if they asked


While I dance in a corner

A faint glow cuts me
My shadow appears


I hide away from the beam
The fear takes over
My eyes shut closed


I can sense those pirates
Ready to steal my shadow
Pretending to be their own


They can do what they want
Destroy in vain its shape
Walk all over it


I hold the light
It is my light
I make my shadow


They block my light
I don’t care
I cary the light from within me


I allow a beam to escape
So bright my shadow disappear
My spirit shines


Attracted they flock around me
Embarrassed I get it covered
And back to the cave I go





Between here and the target
Spreads a vastness of unknowns
The time its takes to aim is worthy


A weakness in the arm
And the arrow is crocked
Flying lost worlds away


Getting distracted
By ephemeral shimmers
Is a sure way of missing


They all look so wonderful
Celestial diamonds
Fireworks of the milky way


If you don’t let anything
Blind your vision
You will reach the stars





I tried my best to live life to the fullest. Everyday is a new day.  I go my way and out  of the dark, they were waiting for  me, or maybe anyone that could be passing by.  The pain, the embarrassment is too  great. I fall to my knees.  My mind is confused, stressed but there is no doubt something is wrong.  I do not want to stay that way because the sun does not seem to shine anymore.  I relearn how to dance within the storm.  I take my courage by the hands and shake my head.  I finally get up.  Now I see I am able to  ascend to something better.